Programs & Activities


July 5th to July 8th — Sports Week

• Outdoor games incorporated with the various sports; baseball, basketball and soccer.

July 11th to July 15th — Talent Week
• Children will enhance their talent skills in singing, dancing, acting and exhibiting a specific artwork.
Great technique for socialization with camp members.

July 18th to July 22nd — Crazy Dress Up Week
• Campers can wear crazy hats, mix-match socks or shoes

July 25th to July29th — Sports Week Part 2
• Outdoor games incorporated with the various sports; baseball, basketball and soccer.

August 1st to August 5th — Career Week
• Guests in the careers of police, fire and medical fields will be on campsite.

August 8th to August 12th — Last Lap
• Campers work on displaying artwork and practicing their skits, dances and songs for
the Enrichment Summer Camp Show.




Ages: 3-5 yrs old

This group is designed for children between ages 3 and 5 years old. The objective of the Butterflies group will be a “preschool atmosphere”. The camper will learn how to socialize with others and learn the basic preschool academic curriculum such as; fine and gross motor skills, numbers, counting, letters, and phonetic awareness. Themes on: Farm Fun, Zoo Animals, Food and Health, Sea Creatures, Dinosaurs and Me/My Family.

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Ages: 6 -8 yrs old

Tadpoles are for children that are entering into Grade 1 and 3. Tadpoles is a great group that will experience responsibility and standardized testing skills that they need in the upcoming school year. Teachers are required to teach the children reading and mathematics every morning from Monday thru Thursday. Fridays are trip days with no academic learning.

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Ages 9-12 yrs old
Frogs group requires that children are entering Grade 4 and 8. The Frog group is the ” intermediate” group of the campers. They will learn leadership and the standardized testing skills that will assist them in the upcoming school year. Fridays are trip days with no academic learning. Teachers will involve camp theme schedule into daily lessons.

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