Director’s Message

My name is Mrs. Benn, and I began the Enrichment Summer Camp in July 8, 2008. My goal was to create a camp that focuses on improving “academics”.  Many children need a camp that values the importance of education. My motto is: “Education is Knowledge” and “Knowledge is Power”.

It was a pleasure to begin a great business venture that gave me the opportunity to expand my need  to helping children grow academically and socially. After eight years of teaching, I learned that all children have the ability to learn in diverse settings. A structured and organized curriculum that concentrates on academic strengths and weakness , will assist any child to learning the necessary tools to achieve successfully.

It is my goal to mold each and every child that comes into my teaching career.  I have begun the Enrichment Summer Camp as a “stepping stone” to lead children towards higher aspirations within their educational goals. I have developed a strong team of certified staff that are willing and dedicated to reaching my objectives. Let’s continue to network with families, friends and colleagues  to “enrich” our new youthful generation.


I look forward to having a great summer with your child!


Mrs. Benn
Camp Director