Butterflies / Ages 3-5 yrs old



This group is designed for children between ages 3 and 5 years old. Children must be at least 3 years old before entering into the camp and potty trained. The following is required for admission: up to date immunization records and recent medical examination forms. If your child has any special needs or accommodations, parents/ guardians must notify the camp management before the camper is admitted into the program.

Butterflies should have a change of clothes at all times, for the classroom and outdoor activities such as swimming and sports. Enrichment Summer Camp offers swimming lessons, contact us to inquire.

The objective of the Butterflies group will be a “preschool atmosphere”. The camper will learn how to socialize with others and learn the basic preschool academic curriculum such as; fine and gross motor skills, numbers, counting, letters, and phonetic awareness. Themes on: Farm Fun, Zoo Animals, Food and Health, Sea Creatures, Dinosaurs and Me/My Family. There will be a progress folder when the camper completes a worksheet or project.

At the end of the Butterflies group, your child will be prepared socially, academically and intellectually for the next preschool ahead!



Important Information: Trip Days are on “Fridays”. Dates are tentative. Campers must wear comfortable clothing for any inclement weather. All emergency and medical forms must be updated prior to trip date. Payments for trips must be paid on the day before the trip date (notices will be given out). All campers must arrive at 8:00am sharp for trips.


  • Keansburg Waterpark, Keansburg, NJ – July  15th
  • Crayola Factory Easton,  PA- July 22nd
  • New Jersey Rock Climbing Gym Fairfield, NJ- July 29th
  •  Funplex Amusement Park East Hanover NJ- August 5th
Other trips such as the Turtle Back Zoo,Chuckie Cheese, Newark Performing Arts Center, Newark Museum, South Orange Theater may be substituted for the above main trips  depending on the  purchase of tickets sold. Trip dates are subject to change in the event of inclement weather.