About Us

The “Enrichment Summer Camp” will strive to create a new brand by continually improving the academic and social learning experience for all children within the New Jersey area.  We will continue the application of new technology, teaching theories, and satisfying our families. This would enable us in the future to increase the size of our camp facilities by offering help to more children across New Jersey. Therefore, increasing the number of “Enrichment Sumer Camps” within the present location and expanding to the surrounding region through brand name recognition and educational excellence.


We will provide a safe and secure learning environment through dynamic interaction between students, teachers and parents. Hence, creating a mutual understanding of respect and promoting an environment that fosters dignity, confidentiality and equality among students, staff and parent. We would also promote a culture of motivation and success to create a learning environment that would benefit all students.


The “Enrichment Summer Camp” enhances the educational and social level for children ages 3 to 12 years old.   We act as a supportive mechanism for the various school districts across the state of New Jersey.  We will provide the educational help to assist the children to improve their physical and social character.  Our teachers and staff are professionally trained to teach the children the necessary skills needed in order to grow and adapt within society.